Photos Video, drawings and more about a full cabin mini - cruiser style boat fashioned from an old ski boat hull. Also features articles on the the budget DIY marine and RV air conditioner (not an ice cooler) and other DIY boat parts. The Explorer 300 Blog and Polecat Boats. As seen on Parramatta River, Sydney.

The $350 Boat and RV A/C Unit.

The plan is pretty simple : a $300 cheapo compact petrol inverter generator from feebay and a used small portable air con unit for around $50, with wheels and tank removed, installed under the sink. As the cabin is currently keeping me warm here in Aus in the winter months, i will wait until the warmer months to complete this part of the project. however i have allowed the required space for both units, venting and wiring.. About 20 kg of the 60kg dummy ballast will be replaced by the a/c unit.Around 20 will be removed for the water tank, and around 20kg will stay mid craft to help balance the rest.

All up the generator will serve as:
-Main ac power supply
-A battery charging unit for the main and auz battery
-A 3rd backup should the main outboard fail and the batteries go flat (required for backup trolling engine)
-An aux power supply for on board items, laptop chargers, ect
-More rear ballast

More details and pics when i get closer to the time.